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SAC provides many opportunities for meaningful dialogues with other residents, as well as formulating new contacts and friendships. Most importantly, there is always an opportunity there to simply enjoy yourself…

Personal Luncheons

Sometimes large groups are a bit much for some people to engage. Staying Ahead Carolina offers programs in a personal luncheon format of 16 people. This allows for more detailed discussions by members and guests, while enjoying a fine lunch. Some topics chosen for this format have been Our Executive Coaching Session and Best of Summer in the Queen City.

Evening Socials

Staying Ahead Carolina hosts both day and evening activities.  During the evening, the group often spends time at a cozy venue listening to fine local jazz led by Queen City Collective or the Al Jasper’s Band.  Staying Ahead Carolina also has its own solo saxophonist Duane Centola and original percussionist Robert Beasley that have worked with many talented bands in town.  Guests have enjoyed these talents in a variety of settings from hot spots uptown at the EpiCentre to South Charlotte venues in the Ballantyne Village. Sponsors such as the Wooden Vine Wine Bar and Bistro on N. Tryon Street Uptown have taken our group on a “trip around the world” providing members and guests with fine samplings of wines represented from across the globe and tapas pairings too!


The Best of Charlotte’s Arts and Entertainment

Staying Ahead Carolina knows how to put on the Ritz and experience the best of art and entertainment in the area.  Newcomer’s and long-time residents find these events a particular treat.  This event was more like an Arts and Entertainment showcase at the Ritz-Carlton in Downtown Charlotte. With tremendous flair, there were live performances including Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte to showcase excerpts from its upcoming show.  Tiffany & Company presented its own give-away for the event too and those attending received many discount offerings to attend some of the sponsor’s events. Sabrina Brown was a main sponsor of this event featuring her real estate consultation and marketing services, but others include Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte, Howl at the Moon in the EpiCentre , Magic Berry Entertainment, McColl Center of Visual Arts, North Carolina Dance Theater, and the Ritz Carlton.

Get on the Bus Tour: A Social on Wheels

This is no ordinary tour.   Guests are not drowned in historical facts but by the end they have indeed learned a lot. This popular annual bus tour is more like a “social on wheels,” as guests take in the rich culture the Queen City has to offer. Guests not only meet new people, they will party with them too, sample foods from up to four great restaurants along the way, and visit some tucked away spots in the area.  Each year the tours are themed, so stay tuned for what is in store next year for Staying Ahead Carolina’s members and guests …

A Fall Festival with Friends

Each fall, members and guest come together to celebrate something unique about Charlotte living with the changing of the seasons. In a relaxed setting usually against a backdrop of fine live entertainment, guests are encouraged to take part in the many activities that are available in the Queen City.  Previous years the group featured the Wadsworth house in Wesley Heights as a place to come out and enjoy martinis and listen to music, hold a meeting and lots more at the Wadsworth house. At this Fall Festival, there were exhibits of arts and crafts, wine and travel clubs, dance clubs, and other organizations were out to get folks involved in the community and see more of what Charlotte offers. 

An Appreciation Celebration

This fun New Orleans style event was a jazzy alternative to the annual Fall Festival with Friends. This year the event was sponsored by Sabrina Brown and Creole’s Louisiana Kitchen in Ballantyne to thank their clients, customers, members and guests of Staying Ahead Carolina.  No formal speeches required to say thank you.  Guests were asked to come out and enjoy a unique venue in Ballantyne. They ate, drank, and appeared to be quite merry as they danced throughout the evening. Yes, Charlotte knows how to second line too!!


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